Tyler O'Meara

Software Engineer, Google LLC
Master of Science in Computer Science, Stanford University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, UT Austin

About Me

I'm a Software Engineer currently working on the search serving infrastructure at Google. My areas of interest within Computer Science are Distributed Systems, Security, and Networking. I also recently earned a Master's degree (with a specialization in Systems) in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University.

In the past, I have also worked at Quora, Dropbox, and Visa. While at Quora and Dropbox, I worked on the infrastructure security teams, developing applications and designing distributed systems tailored for security and reliability in large internal infrastructures. While pursuing my Bachelor's at The University of Texas, I did security research with Dr. Mohamed Gouda and Oliver Jensen within the Department of Computer Science. My research focused on developing secure protocols for the transmission of sensitive data.


My resume is available as a PDF




The University of Texas at Austin

  • CS 311  - Discrete Math for Computer Science
  • CS 314  - Data Structures
  • CS 429H - Computer Organization and Architecture Honors
  • CS 109  - Competitive Programming
  • CS 105  - Computer Programming: C++
  • CS 370  - Undergraduate Reading and Research
  • CS 439H - Principles of Computer Systems (Operating Systems) Honors
  • CS 345H - Programming Languages Honors
  • CS 361  - Introduction to Computer Security
  • EE 302  - Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • CS 361S - Network Security and Privacy
  • CS 378H - Distributed Computing Honors
  • CS 331H - Algorithms and Complexity Honors
  • CS 379H - Computer Science Honors Thesis
  • CS 356  - Computer Networks
  • CS 380L - Advanced Operating Systems